Princeton XiaoClef2 USB key – with fingerprint reader to make it annoying and awkward to use


XiaoClef2_Princeton-usb-fingerprint.jpgTwo technologies. One of them is amazingly useful and we can’t imagine how we survived so long without one. The other is a fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint readers are great fun for 30 seconds. You set it up. It recognises your fingerprint. You half-smile in amazement that a technology first mentioned on Tomorrow’s World back in 1982 has actually become commercially available.

Then you turn it off as, frankly, it never works first time and is just a bit of a pain.

Still, the exotically-named XiaoClef2 has the option to safeguard your data using the finger technique, should you be sufficiently paranoid to think your 4GB memory key needs to be encrypted. In case anyone finds it and discovers just how bad your MP3 collection is.

(Via Akihabara News)

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