Princeton XiaoClef2 USB key – with fingerprint reader to make it annoying and awkward to use

XiaoClef2_Princeton-usb-fingerprint.jpgTwo technologies. One of them is amazingly useful and we can’t imagine how we survived so long without one. The other is a fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint readers are great fun for 30 seconds. You set it up. It recognises your fingerprint. You half-smile in amazement that a technology first mentioned on Tomorrow’s World back in 1982 has actually become commercially available…

Green-House PicoDrive ST 256-bit AES USB key

Don’t mind that headline. I’m just trying to win the in-house competition for cramming the most incomprehensible tech phrases into one line. Let’s start with the easy bits first – USB key. That means USB drive. Or USB stick. Or, if you’re really confused about tech naming conventions, a memory stick. Just be warned that calling it a “memory stick” makes you sound as stupid as granddad does when he calls your Xbox 360 a “PlayStation.”

So to recap. The PicoDrive ST is a lump of RAM, that comes in up to 8GB size. It’s small so you can put it in your pocket.