Green-House PicoDrive ST 256-bit AES USB key


Don’t mind that headline. I’m just trying to win the in-house competition for cramming the most incomprehensible tech phrases into one line. Let’s start with the easy bits first – USB key. That means USB drive. Or USB stick. Or, if you’re really confused about tech naming conventions, a memory stick. Just be warned that calling it a “memory stick” makes you sound as stupid as granddad does when he calls your Xbox 360 a “PlayStation.”

So to recap. The PicoDrive ST is a lump of RAM, that comes in up to 8GB size. It’s small so you can put it in your pocket.


As for the 256-bit AES encryption thing… that’s the popular and currently un-hackable AES coding standard that’s on here so that “businessmen” can keep their “important documents” safely hidden away. Or so your girlfriend won’t find your porn. One of the two.

The newest PicoDrive even works as a Ready Boost drive for adding extra RAM to your PC for Vista to hoover up, in case you’ve bought a new PC recently and haven’t got round to uninstalling Vista and putting XP on it. Or you can just fill it up with MP3s and seven HD episodes of Lost. It’s very versatile.

(Via Akihabara News)

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