CeBIT 2007: Samsung intros USB connected monitor – no need for VGA

CeBIT 2007

samsung_ubisync.jpgSamsung’s SyncMaster 940UX monitor can display images from a PC using only a USB connection.

It’s the first model to feature Samsung’s UbiSync technology and it’s pretty cool. It works by emulating a VGA card in software and then passing the data over a simple USB cable.

The monitor contains a flash drive with the driver software on it, so all you have to do is plug in it in and it will prompt you to install the UbiSync utility.

UbiSync can support up to six monitors, so when combined with a traditional dual display PC allows for a total of eight screens.

The 19in SyncMaster is the first model to feature UbiSync, but Samsung will be including it on additional models in the future.

Will Head
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