Nimzy Vibro Max portable speaker hits the UK


Last year we featured the Nimzy Vibro Blaster speaker, which promised to turn any flat surface into a speaker. Well, the follow-up is now available in the UK – the Nimzy Vibro Max.

The Nimzy Vibro Max uses a patented electro acoustic technology, projecting audio vibrations on to solid surface to produce sound – in fact, crystal clear sound through hard surfaces including wood, plastic or glass up to around 20w.

It also has an integrated digital amplifier, volume control and on/off buttons, along with a slim remote control with adjustable bass, treble and volume. The Nimzy Vibro Max is available now for £79.99

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Dave Walker
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One thought on “Nimzy Vibro Max portable speaker hits the UK

  • I’ve Just bought one. fantastic little gadget, and the a major oversight in the marketing for the Nimzy is it can annoy the living hell out of a neighbour who play’s his music too loud. just hold this firmly against a flimsy palsterboard wall – turn it up and hey presto. you’ve just turned his whole wall in to a clear auable speaker.. perfect for pre recorded obscene messages. also good for music and stuff 😉

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