Dynamic Fishing: cruelty-free fishing practice

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Not that many robotic fish come our way at Tech Digest, but this one’s pretty awesome. It’s a kit which simulates the experience of sitting for hours on end by a river getting cold and hungry, all in the comfort of your own home.

The kit consists of a fish, a rod and a lure. You chuck the 22.5cm-long fish (which looks vaguely like a bass, if bass were made of plastic) in your bathtub and it swims around happily – even avoiding you if you start floundering around too much. The fish apparently even moves its lips just like a real fish. It’s not really my plaice to say whether that’s true or not – I’ve never studied a fish’s lips too closely.

When you, perched on the side of your bath, drop the lure into the tub, the fish will get interested and sniff around it a bit. At this point, you snare the poor creature and it’ll get increasingly agitated as you reel it in. Then you unhook it, chuck it back, and the whole process starts over again.

But you don’t have to just listen to me carping on about it – here’s a video you can watch of Dynamic Fishing in action:

Dynamic Fishing tips the scales at ¥2,940, which works out at just less than £15. Unfortunately it’s only available at Amazon Japan, and they’ll likely chuck on weighty shipping costs. It’s a lovely gill-t free alternative to real fishing, but for cod’s sake, think of the torment that you’d be causing the poor thing if it wasn’t robotic.

(via CrunchGear)

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