Rocket Fishing Rod – angling gets exciting


As a child, I spent many hours by the river in a vain attempt to catch fish, usually heading home with nothing more than a cold and a feeling of intense boredom. If only there was a Rocket Fishing Rod around back then.

The Rocket Fishing Rod promises to make fishing both easy and fun – words that most of us don’t readily associate with the “sport”. No need to cast your hook, just fire the capsule into the water (which has a range of up to 30ft). Your bait will sink, your float will indeed float and when it goes underwater, reel in the fish.

All sounds so easy doesn’t it? What they forget to mention is that you’ll have to bait the hook (probably with a maggot) and if you do catch something and reel it in, you’ll have to carefully remove the hook from the fish’s mouth.

If that doesn’t put you off, you can pick up the Rocket Fishing Rod for £29.99.

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