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If there’s one sport that I would never expect to embrace technology, it would be fishing (or “angling” as it’s more formally known). But I’m wrong – fishing has entered the digital age this week as TV channel Discovery Real Time launches the UK’s first podcast (or should that be rodcast?) dedicated to angling.

Essential Fishing Skills is hosted by fishing celebrity and Discovery Real Time presenter Matt Hayes (pictured holding a large fish) and aimed primarily at the four million people who populate our riverbanks, along with anyone who fancies taking up the sport. The pocast is an five-part audio guide – the first of which is a free download – with the aim of improving your chances of snapping up a whopper.In each episode Matt is joined by experts who share their angling know-how across a range of topics including everything you need to know about buying the right kit and casting out, all the way to “baiting the swim” and “playing the fish” – skills that many fear are dying out. The idea of using a podcast is to communicate with a younger generation about the art of angling.

Whether or not a younger generation will be encouraged to download a fishing podcast is open to question, but it’s initially free, so you’ve nothing to lose. You can download it directly from www.realtimetv.co.uk.

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