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We recently featured the iBikeMount, a mount for fixing your iPod to your bike. The only problem with the unit and traditional earphones was the problem of traffic noise being blocked out as you cycled – not really very safe. The solution? Possibly the Slipstreamz headphone unit.

Looking a bit like an elephant’s ears (which might put some of you off), Slipstreamz positions your iPod earbuds outside the ear, which doesn’t restrict your listening. However, it does allow in "ambient listening, such as traffic and street noise, which should make you more aware of your surroundings. Developed by an avid cyclist, Slipstreamz also prevents wind-burn and damage to your ears from continued exposure to loud traffic noise.

Using is simple –  attach the Slipstreamz covers to the straps on your cycling helmet and position your iPod earbuds within the earwear and put into the covers. They are made from moulded foam and polyester composite, so shouldn’t add much weight to your head and if they get a big grubby, they can be hand-washed with warm water.

Available now, you can pick up Slipstreamz for around £7.50.

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