Sharp brings three new AQUOS TVs to the UK


Sharp_lc-19d1e.jpgSharp has unveiled a selection of three new skinny HDTV models, soon to be landing in the UK. At the top of the range are the AQUOS XL8E models, available in 32″ and 37″ sizes. They both sport 1080p resolutions with 100Hz refresh rates, and are built into super-slim frames.

Contrast ratios are up at 10,000:1 and the screens have a response time of 6ms. Handily, each sports a choice of three HDMI inputs along the usual selection of old school connections so you can gasp in awe at just how crappy VHS and SCART leads used to look.

Other features include a piano black finish, SRS TruSound and the mandatory built-in freeview digital tuner.

For TV buyers who’d rather have something with a bit less width to it, there’s the new 19″ LC-19D1E. To ensure it can squeeze into any of your favoured nooks and crannies it also stands at just 36cm tall, including the stand.

As you can see from the pic, it has a very snazzy white finish that’s pretty much begging to have a Nintendo Wii sat next to it. Or if you have a PS3, you can get a black one. Or you can mix it up and give your room a peculiar chequered effect – your call. It is designed to take on the role of PC monitor or game console screen and has both PC and HDMI inputs, 7,500:1 contrast ratio, 1366×768 resolution and a 176 degree viewing angle.

And if you’re worried that your teenagers are unwittingly destroying the environment along with the hordes of virtual alien foes, then you’ll also be pleased to hear that it’s registered with the energy saving endorsement scheme. We assume that means it gobbles up less costly electrons than your old telly would. There you go – in about a hundred years, it will have practically paid for itself and as you walk through barren desert landscape you will be able to say, hand on heart, that it was not your TV buying decision that was to blame.

So, console colour coordination, anti-environmental apocalypse protection, HDMI input… that’s pretty much all the boxes checked. Oh, there’s also a built-in Freeview tuner.

All three models are expect to launch later this month. Prices will be decided by whichever internet mail order company aims lowest.


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