Custom made chandeliers – bling bling, you're dead

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I’d normally say that chandeliers are among the heights of tackiness. If gold mobile phones are Mount Everest then they have to be at least K2. However, these custom made works of art from Rock and Royal are just genius and I simply must own one.

It’s going to be tough convincing my girlfriend that a giant luminous handgun is going to fit well hanging virtually to the floor of our half-decorated shoe box in Hackney but I’m going to give it a try. It’s surely the highest form of gangster bling and perfect for life in the hood. But if a revolver isn’t your style…

…then how about an AK?


No? Genitals? Skull and crossed bones?


Well, whatever your fancy, it seems this Dutch company will make anything you can think of, presumably at a very large price.

Rock and Royal (via LikeCool)

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