Game makers having a grey old time in LA town

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Remember the days when video games were packed full of wincingly bright characters, sharp sunny backdrops and vivid primary colours. God, they were awful weren’t they? I mean, what kind of acid trip were those designers on? Look outside – it’s all asphalt and concrete, aluminium and corrugated steel, heavy clouds and lingering smog. Real life is a kind of kind of dirty vomit colour.

And real life is where powerful next-gen, DirectX 10 graphics are at. We want more greys. We demand heavy browns and bleached beige. I don’t want to see any of this absurd ‘yellow’ or ‘blue’ nonsense. I’m not some crack head, waving my hands around and gawping at all the pretty colours. Thankfully, some video games remember how to tell us like it is and they’ve been shown off at the recent E3 expo in LA (click the pic for our gallery):

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