Shiny Video: Sony Vaio Z & Sony Vaio FW laptops

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I had a little look at the new Sony Vaios launched on Wednesday. The significant two of the four are the more portable Sony Vaio Z series, which simply has to be held to be believed, and the Sony Vaio FW, designed more for consumer home entertainment.

Both models come with an isolated keyboard design where the keys are further apart. It makes them look quite pretty but it may take a little getting used to for your fingers. The Z comes with an HDD protector, where the reading needles retreat when you drop it, to avoid scratch damage and it also comes with a speed/stamina switch option which turns off the graphics card to save battery power. Unlike older models it doesn’t require a reboot when you do so.

The FW comes with a Blu-ray burner and both models are available now. Enjoy.

Sony Vaio

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