Football Fridge – the perfect away day accompaniment

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football-fridge.jpgSo you can get them in USB form but now, they don’t just have a 12V attachment, they come in novelty too. Behold, the football fridge!

Yes, this little baby ball will keep your six pack cold, or even warm if it’s some kind of filthy bitter, while you and your crew head off on your away trip with hopes in your hearts and now beer in your stomach.

You can use it at home if you wish but why bother? No this is an in-car accessory. The only trouble is the stockist happens to be in Singapore. I’d imagine they might deliver, or point you towards a more local outlet, but you’ll have to ask them first. No price either, I’m afraid, but they can’t be any more than 30 quid.

Football Fridge (via Chip Chic)

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Daniel Sung
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  • LOL!

    Guess the engineers got drunk building this one.

    Wonderful design though.

    • Yeah, you can just imagine them in he workshop with the footy on the radio and someone giving it the Michael Caine: “Hang on lads, I’ve got an idea.”

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