Airports given the power to scan your media player for copyrighted material?

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airport-mp3-player-scan-security-piracy-copyright.JPGGood lord, imagine the queues this would cause.

Global world-controlling power-consortium G8 is, apparently, looking at plans to give airports the power to scan portable media players for copyrighted material when you fly, under its upcoming Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

The insane, impossible, awkward and crazy plan will allow customs officials to scan MP3 players, laptops and even mobile phones for illegally-obtained copyrighted material when passengers pass through their borders.

The critical part of the act is… “provisions related to criminal enforcement and border measures to be applied at least in cases of trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy” – a line thought to give customs men the right to put their fingers anywhere they like, making today’s shoes-in-a-box rule seem positively welcoming and friendly.

(Via The Telegraph)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • I’m sure that once the tech people have laughed at it and told the politicians how much it’ll cost and what a disaster it will be, it’ll all be quietly swept under the carpet.

  • How would they know if the music track on my ipod was one I had purchased / ripped from a CD I owned ?

    I can guess movies that havent been released yet a re a bit of a give away, but even so are they going to keep a list of them to hand with DVD release dates ?

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