80% of people trust "pretty" web sites

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online-shopping-trust-the-simple.jpgWhen it comes to internet shopping, we’re not worried about security certificates and the like – all we’re really bothered about is a nice slick interface.

A survey by shopping A-Team Paypoint.net found that having a simple, clean interface is enough to make 80% of people trust and feel happy with an online shop, with lots of white space and clean buttons instantly triggering the part of our brain responsible for handing over credit card details.

The only other vaguely interesting statistic delivered by Paypoint’s little PR exercise is this – 97% of people it asked would trust a “big brand” with poor security rather than a smaller company with watertight security measures.

(Via Reuters)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Interesting statistics! However – what is “pretty”. Beside some general aspects its also quite some matter of taste.
    Often I notices person A saying “Cool site!” and person B “I dont like it at all!” about one and the same site.

    I think the other statistic is much more valuable: that brand / nice look is beating security issues.
    This underlines my hypothesis that a “normal” internet user isnt even aware of any security issues.

  • Looking at how ugly this site is, I’d say the level of trust for TechDigest would be about 0.2%

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