"Michael, turn left in 50 metres" – Knight Rider KITT-themed satnav on the way

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mio-knight-rider-kitt-gps.jpgGPS company Mio is producing a Knight Rider-themed in-car GPS device that looks – and sounds – like good old KITT. It will be on the Christmas present list of every man over 30 this year.

The pulsing flashing red lights up both sides of the unit are a nice touch, but there’s one extra magical feature inside. Maker Mio is believed to be getting William Daniels – the original voice of KITT – onboard to provide the spoken driving instructions.

The Mio device apparently says “Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?” when you boot it up. Handy if your name happens to be Michael and you’re obsessed with a frankly quite rubbish 1980s TV show that was mainly meant for children. Massively annoying for anyone else.

(Via Crave)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Ironic people. Ironic people would love it. Hopefully it would be enough of a distraction to send them into the central reservation at 80mph.

  • But KITT sounded bad. I mean, like properly, very BAD. Who’d want their cutting edge, AI powered, Pursuit moded(?) Mega car to sound like a mix of C3PO and that bloke off The Big Bang Theory?

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