A taste of the Orient in your very own Yin Yang kitchen

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yin-yang-kitchen.jpgI’m not sure if you could comfortably cook anything other than Chinese food in a kitchen shaped like a giant Yin Yang symbol but it’d look pretty damn swish when you’re throwing your veg about your wok like Ken Hom.

The principle behind this central, freestanding unit is that all the cool, water-based and calm parts of your kitchen – fridge and sink – are stored within the Yin and the hot more aggressive elements – hob and oven – are in the Yang. Yes, it’s a little pretentious but could work given the right kind of house. Those in low-beamed English country cottages need not apply.

The two smaller circles within the symbol and its150cm Okite granite-like surface are characterised by the hob and the sink – both 52cm in diameter – and you can buy the whole kitchen that goes with the unit for £102,577.

Just in case you don’t feel like parting with that kind of cash online, you can make your way down to the Yin Yang kitchen in the authentically oriental setting of its Evitavonni showroom in Chobham, Surrey.

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Evitavonni (via Electric Pig)

Daniel Sung
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