Consumers and retailers STILL confused about digital switchover


digital_al_how_thick_are_you.jpgBritish retailers may have committed to phasing out analogue TV equipment but it doesn’t seem to be happening very quickly.

A recent parliamentary report echoes other surveys which suggest that nearly half of all TVs sold in the first half of last year were analogue. While the situation may have improved since then, the £200m “digital switchover” campaign appears not to have worked on all consumers.

The digital tick symbol is still a mystery to many retailers, despite the fact they’ve been told to improve the advice they give to consumers.

Committee Chairman Edward Leigh said, “Many viewers do not seem fully to understand the implications of the analogue switch-off and are still buying analogue televisions – unaware that they have built-in obsolescence.”

All is not lost though – viewers will definitely get the message when they realise they can’t watch Jeremy Kyle any more.

(Via BBC News)

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One thought on “Consumers and retailers STILL confused about digital switchover

  • But of course what the bbc is saying is ‘b***cks’, as these seemingly obsolete tvs people are buying just need a digi box plugged into the back of them to make them work. Perhaps people want to spend less, or feel they can get more bang for their buck by buying a telly that isn’t the latest technology, then plugging a 20 quid freeview box into its backside.

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