Apple 3G iPhone – five reasons why it isn't perfect

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Ok, so we have just about got over the initial excitement of Steve Jobs’s speech, and now it is time to dig deep into the specs. And while there are loads of good things about the new iPhone – 3G, GPS, top battery life etc., we have found a few reasons to be a little disappointed.

1.) Still rubbish camera – Jobsie didn’t mention it so we assume it is still a 2.0-megapixel camera. We have had those in the UK since 2003. For many Brits taking snaps with their mobiles a decent snapper is a huge thing and Apple has missed a huge opportunity here.

2.) No over the air 3G music downloads – Of course we want to download the new Coldplay single via iTunes on the bus. I am guessing it won’t be far away, but come on Apple sort it. (Ed’s note – errr, maybe not Coldplay…)

3.) Same storage of 8GB and 16GB – Sorry, but I won’t be trading my classic iPod for an iPhone until we get comparable storage. It is a bit sad that the new versions have the same rather paltry storage as the old ones. 32GB, anyone?

4.) No MMS – Not everyone in our address book has email on their phones. It would be nice to have seen this added.

5.) No front camera for video conferencing – I was going to say who cares about video conferencing, but it would work well on that amazing screen, wouldn’t it? And there were so many rumours about iChat AV, too…

Hate to admit it, but it is still a pretty impressive looking phone. Wonder what the Nokia Tube will have to offer?


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