AMD jumps into the mini notebook PC game

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Hoping to keep up with the likes of the Via Openbook, Intel’s Atom processors, and countless Eee PC wannabes, AMD is now working with PC manufacturers to build a new breed of small form factor PCs (you can call them what you like).

Malata is one company already building prototype systems, believed to be based on the AMD Turion 64 processor. The 8.9-inch screened PC contains 1GB of RAM, and is Linux powered, while another manufacturer is expected to reveal a seven inch screen with 60GB or 80GB hard drive and running Windows XP.

Details are scarce, but if AMD can encourage more manufacturers to use their chip instead of the more popular Intel or Via offerings, we could see more designs arriving towards the end of the year, priced at around $300-$400 (£170-£230ish).

(Via Electronista)

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