WiiPlayer – a hacked and streamlined unofficial iPlayer app for Wii

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wiiplayer-wii-hacked-homebrew-iplayer copy.jpgSome extremely clever man has been working away on improving the Wii’s iPlayer, creating his own solution to the rather clunky and slow official Wii implementation of the Beeb’s streaming telly service.

Moaning that the Wii’s slightly duff Opera browser simply hasn’t got the right screen resolution to handle the BBC’s default text and layout, the creator has simplified the design, bumped up the font size and generally “Apple-ised” the look and feel of iPlayer so it’s quicker to operate and easier to find your way around.

Point your Wii at http://defaced.co.uk/wiiplayer and give WiiPlayer a go. It won’t work on your PC. And you still need to be based in the UK to use the service. We don’t pay our license fees so that you overseas lot can watch our telly for free on the internet, you know. That’s what Bittorrent is for.

(Via Defaced and Dave)

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