Tech company in 'not bringing out a netbook' shocker


Well, this is a turn-up for the books. NVidia and VIA are NOT, repeat NOT, bringing out a netbook. In a world where brands are getting resurrected solely for the netbook market, it’s notable when a technology company decides that it’s not going to release its own pint-size laptop with no cd drive.

Originally, it was hoped that the two companies would produce a netbook featuring a mobile version of the VIA Nano chip, rather than the industry-standard Intel Atom chip. Those plans are now on hold, as are plans to build MIDs using the chips. Nvidia and VIA’s plans to build desktop machines together are, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear, firmly intact.

NVidia and VIA (via TrustedReviews)

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Via gives away its OpenBook designs, watch out for even more Eee clones


Via has decided to be friendly to anyone wanting to build an Eee PC clone (or just a sub-notebook PC) by making CAD files available to anyone who wants to build or modify the OpenBook.

Processor specs aren’t amazing — the Via C7-M / VX800 digital media processors may well choke on Windows XP or Vista, although Via says that their next-generation processor – Isaiah – will run four times as fast…