Griffin WindowSeat: iPhone holder, not the in-flight alternative to 'aisle'

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Well, it was either going to be Griffin or Belkin to be the first to come up with an in-car solution for the iPhone or Touch and this time it’s the former that’s done it with their terribly named WindowSeat.

Fortunately the product itself doesn’t look too terrible with a simple and sturdy enough looking black arm and silicon high-grip suction pad that appears to do the job quite nicely without screaming out, “Hello, I’m a Griffin, aren’t a brilliant?”


The materials should be able to stomach the temperature changes in your car, which can vary from Arctic to burning hot, and any bumpy roads, with the idea that the WindowSeat stays exactly where it is rather than in a heap on your car mat on top of your precious little Appley darling.

Of course whether this works or not is another thing and I’m sure I shouldn’t be complaining but $29.99 is not very reassuringly expensive.

The WindowSeat comes with audio cables for plugging into your car stereo and can be used in conjunction with Griffin’s PorweJolt charger but of course the real boon behind it is for its satnav purposes. TomTom gone.

For more iPhonery pokery head on over to iPhonic to see Andy. He was touchscreen before Jobs was even born.

Griffin WindowSeat

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