Chunky Nokia cameraphone patent discovered, looks a bit retro, N85 coming?

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There’s something chunky and slightly retro about the latest patent to escape from Nokia. The slider phone itself looks reasonably up-to-date, but that swivelling camera on top is decidedly blocky, and either fell out of a Duplo set or travelled forward in time about three decades. (OK it could’ve come off a Nokia N90.)

Nevertheless, the potential specs are 21st century enough, with the rotatable camera snapping a minimum of five megapixel images, if not six.

The crossover between cameraphones and compact digital cameras is now well established, and Nokia’s patent suggests that it could be looking to push the virtues of taking still images and videos, and then sending them to friends, social networks, blogs, and the like.

Rumours are this is an early design for the Nokia N85 which could launch next summer.

(Via Pocket Picks)

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