The Squirt 2 – a 100% safe 1370HP jet-powered boat

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We must try very hard not to refer to the Squirt 2 jet-powered boat as a “death trap.” Every time we call an odd and dangerous-looking invention a death trap, the inventor pops up and gets quite angry about it being labelled as a death trap.

As of yet, no one has died during the testing and creation of the Squirt 2 Turbine Jet-Boat so, for all intents and purposes, it is entirely safe. You may well emerge totally alive and unscathed from a trip on the aluminium-hulled jet-propelled speedboat that generates 1370 horsepower. Here it is showing off by firing up its engine…


Your hair will be slightly ruffled and there’s a chance your bowels will have emptied themselves inside your trousers, but you almost certainly won’t be dead. Nobody gets killed during the YouTube demo video, either. It’s safer than riding a bicycle.

(Via Hacked Gadgets)

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