Argonart unveils the Skull gaming PC


This Skull PC case is the work of Argonart – a Midlands-based company who specialise in custom built sculptures. The photo shows it in its early design stage – check out the video for a look at it in action.

The Skull is handmade out of 3mm aluminium alloy and is an example of a gaming PC casing that customers can have made to order. The spec of the PC is also up to the customer – although it would be pointless to have this scary-looking casing hosting a low-end PC. You want to be doing some serious gaming with a monster like this.

I particularly like the way the DVD drive comes out of the skull’s mouth whilst the eyes look menacingly on.

As far as customisable PC casings go – this is about the coolest I’ve seen. If you’re interested in having one made contact Argonart directly and get a quote. The skull design would set you back about £2,000 for the case.

Porsche Design P'9522 mobile phone launches


This is the Porsche P’9522 – a mobile phone designed by Porsche. I can hear you already thinking ‘it’s got an expensive name on it – the features are going to be practically non-existent’. Well, tell your thoughts that they’re wrong, and should shut up – it’s actually surprisingly high-specced.

The phone case is milled from a single solid aluminum block and a single sheet of scratchproof glass! It’s got a 2.8″ touchscreen OLED display! It’s got built-in Wi-Fi and GPS! It’s got a fingerprint scanner! A fingerprint scanner, for god’s sake!

The bad news? You’re not going to get this in the Carphone Warehouse or Phones 4 U. It’s being sold in Porsche shops and ‘exclusive specialist stores’ only. There’s no price quoted, but we’ll have to assume it’s going to be more than its predecessor, the fliptastic P’9521, which costs €1200 (just over £1000).

Porsche Design

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Apple unveils new 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro


Apple has taken the wraps off two new notebooks: the 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The 13-inch MacBook features a precision aluminium unibody enclosure — in other words, it’s constructed from a single solid piece of metal and is much thinner than its predecessor. Not as thin as the MacBook Air, of course, but not bad at 2.41cms.

The ultra-thin 13.3-inch LED backlit display is bright, yet the whole unit is thinner than its outdated LCD relative. It can display up to 1,280 x 800 resolution…

The Squirt 2 – a 100% safe 1370HP jet-powered boat

We must try very hard not to refer to the Squirt 2 jet-powered boat as a “death trap.” Every time we call an odd and dangerous-looking invention a death trap, the inventor pops up and gets quite angry about it being labelled as a death trap.

As of yet, no one has died during the testing and creation of the Squirt 2 Turbine Jet-Boat so, for all intents and purposes, it is entirely safe. You may well emerge totally alive and unscathed from a trip on the aluminium-hulled jet-propelled speedboat that generates 1370 horsepower. Here it is showing off by firing up its engine…


Your hair will be slightly ruffled and there’s a chance your bowels will have emptied…

Bird-Electron cement their position as industry leaders: EZISON 0 portable speaker


Bird-Electron have announced some wonderful new technology. The EZION 0 is an aluminum portable speaker which looks like a London Underground Tannoy box. Despite being 6 x 6 x 3 cm, it weighs 180 grams. There is no volume control, just a ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ switch. It’ll draw power from your music player, thereby reducing the battery life. The retail price is $73/£35. Demand is rumoured to be high, please put in your orders early to avoid disappointment.

Proporta has your back (and iPod) covered with their Alu-leather 3G Nano cases

proporta-leather-cases.jpgProporta, kings of accessories for every gadget under the sun, has started selling some gorgeous leather cases for 3G iPod Nanos, so your little ‘Fatty’ won’t have to feel chilly any longer.

They’ll fit both the 4GB and 8GB models, and are apparently hand-crafted using ‘the softest leather’. As anyone with working eyes can see, they’re available in five colours, and will ensure your baby…