Sony Ericsson Ducati Z770 mobile phone – just horrible

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I am sorely disappointed with Ducati. I’ve got no problem if they want to bring out their own mobile phone like every other brand. I’ve got a problem because theirs is shit.

I don’t want the thing to be covered in diamonds or made of crocodile skin but a little more effort than the super ugly Sony Ericsson Z770 would nice. Yeah sure it’s 3G and thin and supports HSDPA but who buys these designer phones for the specs?

Take a look at these Ducati products. Now, they’re stylish. I want one. I want to walk around with a Ducati USB stick. They look really good. This phone looks like arse. However, if arse is your thing then you’ll be pleased to hear the Sony Ericsson Ducati Z770 will be launched in Italy in June.

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