SanDisk launches limited edition Ducati-themed CF/SD Plus cards and Moto GP USB drive

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Sandisk has teamed up with motorcycle firm Ducati for a range of cards and drives bearing the colours of the bike maker.

Available are the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition CompactFlash (4GB and 8GB) and the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition SD Plus (4GB). The latter features a snap-open connector that enables the card to be plugged in directly to the USB port. They’re also fast – 45 mMB/sec per second for the CompactFlash cards and 20MB/sec for the SD Plus card. Prices are expected to be $164.99 for the 4GB CompactFlash card, $314.99 for the 8GB CompactFlash card and $129.99 for the 4GB SD Plus card.

And if that’s not enough for you petrol heads, SanDisk has also announced the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive, a 4GB device that has a read/write speed of 20MB/sec and with all the styling of a Ducati motorcycle. No price as yet for that one.

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