Soda Seal – resealable drinks can


A resealable drinks can is an excellent invention and I’ve not doubt about that, but sometimes a design comes along that you just get a feeling will never get made.

Ukrainian designer Johan De Broyer’s idea is relatively simple and fantastically executed, providing an air-tight, liquid-tight seal to keep the fizz in your drink and the sugary juice from coating the insides of your pockets and bags.

The Soda Seal, as it’s Yankily known, is in-built into the design of the aluminium can rather than something the consumer adds on and all you do is rotate the ring-pull which is connected to a cover inside the lid of the can that spins around and seals the hole. Very neat.

As, Johan points out, this provides a good bit of branding or advertising space for the drinks manufacturer but I’m not sure that this will be enough to sway the corporations.

We’re not always thirsty enough to finish a can but we do, or we chuck it away. If you can reseal your drink then this might lead to a reduction in sales. Sure, resealable bottles are available already but you pay more for the privilege.

The Soda Seal would make an excellent gimmick for the first drinks company who brings it out but, after that, what is the long term benefit for them? I’ve a nasty feeling that this invention will end up in the folder next to the car that runs on orange juice.

Soda Seal (via Dvice)

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