Hot and Cold USB Coaster – keep your drinks at the right temperature


hot_cold_usb.jpgAnother way of draining power on your laptop – the Hot and Cold USB Coaster.

Actually, this is quite a useful add-on, especially if you get engrossed in web or gaming activities. It keeps your drinks hot or cold – up to 40 degrees for hot or 15 degrees for cold, just be placing your drink on the connected coaster.

Or you could just drink it when it’s fresh, saving yourself $42.03 (around £22).


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Dave Walker
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  • I would like to see you implement many new web services that will follow the DLF Discovery Interface scheme.

  • This is the first device I’ve seen than can do warm AND cold and, despite the price tag, this one might really be worth it. If it works good enough to keep the drink cold on sweltering summer days, that is. (Because we know how difficult it is to get up from the desk chair and go the fridge over and over again..)

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