Scarlett Johansson's album "Anywhere I Lay My Head" up for sampling on Napster

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scarlett-johansson-album-release-napster.jpgYes, really. This is not a May 12 Fools joke.

Everyone’s favourite large-chested, pasty-faced art house actress has only gone and done an album of songs. She’s called it “Anywhere I Lay My Head” – an invitation to lewd comments if ever there was – and you can listen to bits of it RIGHT NOW on Napster.

Subscribers to whatever service it is Napster’s running these days can stream Scarlett’s album at CD quality from today, a whole week ahead of its no-doubt disastrous release.

Although Paris Hilton’s album was actually quite OK. And Juliette Lewis is doing a good job of being a rocker. So you never know. The collection of ten Tom Waits cover versions and one co-written ORIGINAL SONG by Miss Johansson comes out next Monday. It will, at the very least, have some nice photos of her on the inlay.

(Via Napster UK)

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