R/C Jump Jet indoor flyer – like a Harrier but without needing years of training


There’s no deep purpose to the RC Jump Jet. It’s a toy, but it’s a very fun one and ludicrously well designed to boot.

Four gyroscopes, on top of the craft, power its flight giving it perfect 3D control that comes off rather like a Harrier Jump Jet only much, much better. To be fair to the RAF, they do have a significantly larger and more tooled up aircraft to deal.

Jumpjet-2.jpgThe RC Jump Jet is 32.5cm-squared, requires 3 AAA batteries, costs £69.95 and can be piloted by anyone over 12. The Harrier Jump Jet is a little bigger, chucks through hi-octane by the gallon, costs in the millions and can be piloted by anyone after about 12 years of practice.

Also, I’m not sure that the Harrier should be flown indoors whereas that’s where the RC Jump Jet belongs. Yes, scare the hell out of your pets as it buzzes above their heads and teases sleeping relatives by hovering on the tips of their noses. Other than that just marvel at your own flying skill.

RC Jumpjet

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Daniel Sung
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