Libelula: Rocket powered helicopter back pack – er, wow!

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rocket-powered-helicopter.JPGSo it turns out that the helicopter backpack isn’t just the preserve of Wile E. Coyote. Yes, the good lunatics of Technological Aerospacial Mexicana have got the theory together and now it’s their mission to make the world’s lightest personal chopper.

Backpacks with blades have always been a tricky one because helicopter rotors create torque and that has to be controlled with a tail rotor but tail rotors would make a personal unit unbalanced. So, they’ve found an ingeniously suicidal way to solve that problem.

Two rockets at the tips of the blades create their own, perfectly counter-balanced torque and the lift required to take you up to the heavens. So just in case you weren’t concerned enough about the deadly, spinning metal inches from your noggin, you’ve now got two tanks of rocket fuel strapped to your back. Comfortable?

Libelula Rocket Powered Helicopter (via Dvice)

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  • Like you wouldn’t have a go..!!!

    I want one.

    I can just see myself pulling into BP for a refuel and a ginster’s pie on a long-haul flight.

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