Microsoft still umming and arring over Yahoo bid, decision expected today



A takeover of Yahoo would be the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history and it isn’t about to rush in willy-nilly. Of course, the Redmond giant happily gobbles up smaller companies without batting an eye-lid – the monster corporation probably already ate three before its power-brunch this morning.

However, Yahoo’s refusal of its $41.8bn (£21bn) bid and the passing of the April 26th deadline means that Microsoft has to give up and walk away, increase its offer or start getting hostile.

It was widely reported that meeting of the Microsoft board on Wednesday ended without a decision. However, it has promised that it will try to make a firm decision this week which pretty much means if the shit’s going to kick off, it’ll happen today.

Yahoo shareholders have been given a boost of confidence following Microsoft’s interest, and share prices have jumped from $19.18 to $27.41 while the takeover has been being discussed.

The Wall Street Journal reckons that that Microsoft is leaning towards the hostile way of thinking, but Steve Ballmer has also been keen to point out that he believes Microsoft could build its Ad business without help from Yahoo. The Yahoo acquisition would simply be a leg up to help it compete with Google.

“We like our strategy. We don’t like our position,” Ballmer said in an interview.

Yahoo (via BBC)

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