PS 3 Custom Edition audio cabinets – not a PlayStation

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It took me a few minutes of looking for where the PlayStation is housed before I clued up that these custom edition acoustic cabinets have nothing to do with games consoles. No, the PS in PS 3 stands for Passion and Sound, which is exactly what they’re billed to deliver.

Apparently it’s all about wood for the semi-anal audiophile and do these speakers give you wood; 15mm plywood to be precise with a 2mm luthier quality veneer, which I understand is a very good thing.

This all results in perfect neutrality of sound throughout the frequency range – again a good thing – although I’m finding it hard to get excited about something described as neutral.

The cabinets are alarming light-weight I’m assured and contain no filter whatsoever, so all the sound from the amp goes as directly to your ear as is humanly possible, via only the transducers inside these solemn, sonic temples.

Finally, the PS 3 Custom Editions are not just called custom for the sake of it. Each pair is individually designed by a different artist and only one of each kind will be sold.

Prices will vary but rest assured that it’ll take saving up for three years or owning a few oil fields to be able to buy them. There are no indications as to how many zeros they’re talking but I’d guess that if you have to ask, then you can’t afford.

Passion and Sound (via Born rich)

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