Verity Sarastro II Speakers – audio perfection for £20,000

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verity_speakers.jpgGot 20 grand to spare? Well, here’s a way to blow the lot in one swoop – invest in a pair of Verity Sarastro II Speakers.

These high end eXR (extend range) speakers use Verity’s custom-made and patented resonance free aluminum foil ribbon tweeter, a 6-inch midrange, and an 11-inch woofer. There’s also a two-piece cabinet design, with the woofer being mounted in a rear firing as well as a rear ported configuration. Oh yes – and a frequency response at 20Hz – 60kHz and 18 watt to unlimited power handling.

None of which makes we want to rush out and spend $39,995 (minimum), even with a promised ‘Italian lacquer finish’.

Verity Audio (via Born Rich)

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