BT ToGo: get an HTC mobile phone with your home broadband

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bt-togo-blackberry.jpgBT has added another name to its increasingly lengthy service and that word is “ToGo”. BT ToGo is the telecom giant’s latest push into the world of mobile internet and it offers home broadband users either an HTC S7110 or S620 device to access the web while down the shops, at the train station or troughing at McDonalds.

The £29.99 per month package includes home broadband as well as the HTC-made BT ToGo handset and the fair usage policy will allow up to 10MB of downloaded GPRS data. Obviously the speeds won’t be too thrilling but if you happen to be near one of the 10,000 WiFi BT Openzone Hotspots you’ll be at proper broadband pace.

The rate only includes a measly 50 minutes and 50 texts and the idea is that you add on more for that juicy extra cost that BT will be slavering over. It’s likely that phone calls will be cheaper when made from within the hot spots at a quarter of the rate but you can still get better deals elsewhere.

Bear in mind that BT uses the Vodafone network so check that you have good coverage and also keep in mind that BT is always one step behind in the mobile phone department. This is something they should have done 18 months ago rather than BT Fusion – a similar deal on terrible handsets.

Each home hub can support up to six separate phones, and each phone can handle up to four email addresses.

BT (via Reuters)

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