Epson's greener printers – they chuck out paper but they use less power


epson-printer.jpgIf you sit next to a churning printer every day watching reams of paper hit the desk only to be screwed up and thrown in the bin, then sorry, I can’t help you today. But I can ease your eco-guilt with the news that Epson printers have been the first to receive an official stamp of approval from the Energy Saving Trust.

The reason the Trust has turned a blind eye to Epson’s forest hacking function is because their machines use very little power when in standby, sleep mode and when ready to use. Short of providing a solution whereby they can print on plastic shopping bags, Epson have done a pretty good thing. Now all you have to do is convince your company to use them.

To completely clear your conservation conscious, listen to the words of Hippyshopper’s eco-goddess Abi – the greenest thing since I found that slice of bread down the back of my oven.

Epson (via Hippyshopper)

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