BT launches shorter 12 month broadband packages

BT has launched a new range of 12-month home broadband plans. The telco says that the shorter plans are available to new customers and are perfect for renters, or those looking to move who may not want to commit to a 24-month plan. The 12-month contract option is available across Broadband, Superfast Fibre and BT’s…

BT broadband jumps to 20Mbps for free


After this week’s strangling allegations, BT has announced it is going to hike its headline broadband speeds to 20Mbps at no extra cost.

Roughly 40% of BT’s existing 4.8 million customer base will able to get faster speeds after 549 of BT’s telephone exchanges are upgraded, with businesses getting it today, and domestic internet users finding their service boosted in summer.

BT hopes to extend this to 55% of it’s customer base by 2010. It is not yet known which area’s lucky users will find themselves the beneficiaries of the fancy-dan 20Mbps internet, but a soon-to-be-launched service on BT’s website will let you know what speed you can get in your area.

Continuing BT’s crusade against slow-internet, the company will be offering a nifty little doo-dah, called an I-Plate that eliminates electrical inference on in-house phone wiring, boosting your bandwith.

All of which means from early summer 2007 you could get 20Mbps internet from as little as £7.78 per month. Though whether the new boost will be throttled is yet unclear, but one has to admit it looks like BT are taking notice. If I may be as so immodest as to quote myself just yesterday:

“We pay a premium for our broadband in this country and we get one of the poorest services in the western world, it’s high-time consumer groups put some concerted pressure on our ISPs to invest in some serious physical infrastructure to get us the service we deserve.”

And today BT make this announcement, coincidence? I think not.

UPDATED: BT announces cheapest UK home and mobile broadband combo


It’s pretty much a straight up fight for your data between all the mobile networks and just about everyone else who pipes any kind of service into your home. Doubtless the electric and water companies will be on it soon enough but today is the turn of BT to land their latest blow in the shape of the cheapest home and mobile broadband combo package on the block.

They’re offering you a dongle, 1GB of mobile data per month at a supposed 7.2Mbps and limited 8Mbps home broadband package for a total of £303.08 over 18 months or just £15.65 a month if that sounds too scary.

The deal’s well over £100 cheaper than similar offers from Virgin and Orange and comes with the BT satisfaction of speedy set up and the fact that it’ll probably work more often than not.

Out now over here.

BT Home Hub defaults to being insecure, sez security firm


With the ongoing marketing push for BT broadband and other integrated goodness via their Home Hub, there’s a good chance that a large section of the population are using an insecure router to access the Internet.

These are generally the same people — he says both stereotypically and self-righteously — who don’t install and keep anti-virus software up-to-date, or have the faintest idea what a firewall is…

Dig Alfie Allen and want to send him a present this Christmas? Read on…

The sibling cash-cow that is Alfie Allen has kindly shared his top Christmas gadgets list online, because quite simply – what would we do this Christmas without knowing what Lily Allen’s younger brother is pining for? I’m surprised we’ve managed this far without it!

Included in his list of GIMME GIMMES, DON’T YOU KNOW I’M LILY ALLEN’S BROTHER AND WILL STAR IN DANIEL RADCLIFFE’S LEFTOVERS list are several games, such as SingStar Party, which is available on the PS2 or PS3…