New BT Home Hub 2.0 – shinier, blacker, £15 more expensive


new-bt-home-hub.jpgBT has announced its new look, feel and taste wireless router, the BT Home Hub 2.0.

You can see from the off that it’s different. It’s all black, smooth, shiny and designed to make people want it despite the fact that the idea of wireless internet scared the hell out of them six months ago when they were talked into signing up over the phone.

Of course, if BT really wanted to confuse them, they could mention that the Home Hub 2.0 uses 802.11n Wi-Fi but it’d probably be best to just stick to “you’ll be able to use the internet from the bottom of your garden”.

The parental control, where you can shut off access to your teenager’s laptop, is sure to be a winner as far as those who pay the bills are concerned and the power saving sleep function is sure to make everyone feels good about themselves and forget all about the electromagnetic soup we’re exposing our brains to on an ever increasing basis.

Once the salesman has got all that across, from 18th July onwards all convinced punters will be able to buy theirs for £45. Of course, you get it free when you sign up to broadband option 2 or 3 but my advice is to wait until your contract’s up and demand it whatever tariff you’re on. It works for me.

(via Broadband Genie)

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  • Well I am on my second hub2 as the 1st one did not give the signal strenght or range claimed.
    And neither does this one, I live in a small modern bungalow with paper thin walls & struggle to get a decent signal 20 metres from the hub. have spent a lot of time online & on the phone to India (all free) but this is as good as it gets.
    I have 2 latest spec laptops an Acer aspire 8920 & Dell inspiron 1720 both using N my older spare laptop using a usb plug wireless adapter only works in the same room as the hub.

  • I know the Bt HomeHub 1.5 had security issues. They could be avoided by using WPA.

    A keygen is availble for the BThomehub 1.5 which cracks WEP

    My advice if you already own the 1.5 version update latest firmware and set encrytion to WPA


    • I know a lot of people had issues with the security on the last one and it does look like they’ve sorted it this time around. Cheers for the link, Dave.

  • I can’t stand those cold-calling sales people. I don’t know how they live with themselves. I know it’s just a job an everything, but calling old people up out of the blue and scaring them into spending money on a deal they don’t really want is just the same as hitting them on the head and taking their pensions as far as i’m concerned. Shame on BT and any other cold-calling companies, and especially those who do the work for them!

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