Send your name to the moon with NASA's LRO mission


moon2.jpgIt may take decades to qualify as an astronaut but you can get your name on the moon in a matter of minutes. Since 1st May NASA has been inviting people of all creeds and nations to sign a register online that’ll be taken up there in America’s return flight to our favourite hunk of cheese in the sky.

The deadline was at the end of last month but it’s now been extended to 25th July. So far they gathered over one million names and each of them has received their very own printable certificate to prove the fact. That a piece of the has just gone stellar.

I’d jump right on this stunt myself – I’m a sucker for space, as I expect most of us are – but I’m rather concerned that this also part of a global data phishing exercise by the US government aimed right at the heart of those they fear most – the nerds. They’ve had that misprint in their bible for a while now; the one that says “Blessed are the geek, for they shall inherit the Earth”.

Of course the other concern is that an angry alien is going to turn up on your doorstep and demand compensation for littering his back garden with space junk. Still that’s the risks of space travel for you.

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