YouTube Video of the Day: Nutter texting on a motorbike

YouTube Video of the Day

They may have taken it down from YouTube but we don’t give up that easy here at Tech Digest. After some minor rifling, I’ve managed to track down a clip of a bloke in Delhi, I think it is, kicking back sending a text message oh his bike while burning down the motorway doing 60mph. Oh, and he’s lying down too. – Watch more free videos

I am by no means suggesting that this is cool. I’m not suggesting that this isn’t cool either, but how cool will he feel when he’s all run over and dead? Yeah. He’ll look cool then won’t he? In fact, his final words will probably be “How cool am I?” just before he dies, except he’ll be texting them. Then the answer will come back: “So cool, you’re dead.”

(via a welsh view)

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