Porsche Design's luxury mobile handset now comes in white

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porsche_p9521_white.jpgEven with all the recent stock market turbulence, it seems the market for high priced, low tech mobile handsets is still going strong. And in case you’re afraid to step outside without your mobile being perfectly colour coordinated with your inflatable (?) jacket and pen, Porsche Design is releasing its whole range of deluxe knickknacks in a luxurious white design.

But the P’9521 clamshell handset is what we’re really interested in. It’s definitely the kind of handset you’d want to call your yacht broker from. But apart from that boon, technology wise it is really only notable for its snazzy fingerprint scanner and that it comes with frankly ludicrous price tag of £815. It’s so posh that you can’t even get it on an 18 month contract or anything.

I could start a whole debate about whether white is out of fashion now that the glory days of white iPods have passed in favour of black iPhones or whether a long enough period has passed to make white the new retro cool again, or if in fact we’ve gone full circle so that black is the old white and white is the, err, new white. Or is that silver now? I’m confused. But it doesn’t matter, for now it just looks great and it will continue to do so right up until the first footballers wife gets one, then it will have all the aesthetic appeal of a Kappa tracksuit.

Porsche Design (via T3)

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