Quake III for the iPhone – let the games begin

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I’m sick of first person shoot-em ups, sick of them. I don’t care how good the graphics, how inventive the weaponry or intricate the storylines but when I saw this, the hairs on my neck stood up…

…how about you?

Not only is Quake III a titan amongst shoot-em up giants but the gameplay looks like a whole lot of fun now it’s been successfully ported to the iPhone.

As you can see, unless you have YouTube blocked at your current terminal, the iPhone’s accelorometer is used to move about and you touch the screen to unleash a blast of whatever toy Ranger has in his lucky little hands.

It looks smooth, it looks fun and, from now on, every time you see someone wiggling their iPhone about, you’ll have a pretty good idea of exactly what it is they’re up to. The greatest in PvP pleasure just went portable.

(via PMP Today)

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Daniel Sung
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