Belkin's n52te SpeedPad for those of you still married to Quake III


belkin-n52te.jpgThe new SpeedPad is designed for people who use their PCs for something other than slagging strangers off in internet forums and ironically changing their Facebook status to read ‘changing my Facebook status’. It is for gaming. Gaming 3.0!

Or, it’s an odd combination of mouse and keyboard, designed with 15 programmable hotkeys for much quicker ‘tea bagging’ of your defeated opponents. The supplied software also lets you set-up different user configurations, so dad can have one for Warcraft and mum can have one for when she pretends to be the town whore in Second Life.

It’s even backlit for operating in the dark. Feel free to insert some sort of self-abuse joke in the comments field about ‘operating in the dark’. The n52te SpeedPad goes on sale across Europe this November for £49.99 or 69.99 of those funny little euro things.

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Gary Cutlack
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