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If you are going to join a gym or take up some other form of exercise, January (despite the bad weather) is usually the month to start. So it’s no surprise to see manufacturers capitalising on these good intentions with fitness-friendly gadgets – like the Belkin SportCommand.

It’s actually for any sport where you need the freedom to move, but at the same time, require some musical accompaniment. The SportCommand is a fabric armband that offers easy control of your iPod, but at the same time allows you to keep your portable player secured elsewhere (rucksack or pocket for example).

A transmitter attaches to the dock connector of your iPod, connecting controls to player. The controls are oversized, so they’re easy to access – even if you are wearing gloves. So ideal when you’re out on the piste.

It retails for £64.99 and is good with 4th-generation iPods onwards.

Belkin website

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