Quake Legend John Carmack on Why Mobile Games Rule


What do you do after gifting the world Doom and Quake? If you’re John Carmack, you dive headlong into the world of mobile games. Yes, after completing Doom 3, Carmack’s first mobile project was Doom RPG, a reworking of the famous first-person-shooter taking into account the technical limitations of mobile handsets. Now he’s at it again with a new game, Orcs & Elves, which is being published by Electronic Arts’ mobile division.

In this two-part interview, he explains why he loves the shorter development cycles of mobile, how fantasy RPGs are the next big thing, and what his plans are for using the connectivity of mobile phones to design new games. And no, that doesn’t mean Quake deathmatches on your Nokia N70.

[via Pocket Gamer – Part 1 and Part 2]
Stuart Dredge
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