Another twist in the PS3 iPlayer tale: BBC offers coder a job

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iplayer_pic.jpgHere’s a success story for any rogue independent coders out there: was launched over the weekend proving that the BBC iPlayer video streaming website could easily be made compatible with the PS3. We thought it would be torn down as soon as Auntie found out, but Anthony Rose, Head of Digital Media Technology at the Beeb, has instead praised the clever coder behind the website and explained why it’s taking a while to get an official version working:

“We’d love to be on every popular device tomorrow, including the PS3, and it was on our roadmap,” he writes. “However, the reality is that we only have finite developer resources, and we need to divide our development time between expanding the platforms iPlayer is available on versus all the other cool things that we’re working on (better video quality, personalisation, new site features, etc).”

So PS3 next – then how about the PSP?

Rose also reassures us that there are yet more improvements that can be made to take full advantage of the specific system and the current demo site suffers from low quality video, bugs and dodgy frame rates right now. But he seems especially keen to acknowledge the talents of the creator:

“By the way, if the person who created the ps3iplayer port is looking for a job at the BBC, (s)he’s welcome to contact me ;-)” offered Rose.

Nice eh? It’s like one big head-hunting-cum-marketing campaign all wrapped up into one.

If you want to check it out, point your PS3 web browser at – note that it won’t work on other browsers.

iPlayer (via BBC Internet Blog)

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