iPlayer now working on PS3; just don't tell the Beeb


iplayer_pic.jpgAfter the BBc’s iPlayer arrived on the Nintendo Wii last week, the corporation explained that a similar service hasn’t arrived on PS3 due to Sony attempting to “control the look, the feel and the experience” of the service.

That reasoning wasn’t good enough for one coder, who decided to prove that the PS3 and the BBC iPlayer are easily compatible, so he created PS3iPlayer.com – a working version of the iPlayer compatible with the PS3 web browser. Plug that into your PS3 web browser (it won’t from PC or Mac unfortunately) and you can see a PS3 iPlayer in action.

The highly unofficial version of the site uses modified versions of the official site’s Javascript and CSS. At the moment it’s not working 100%, but it’s meant to remind the BBC how easily it could be done if it wanted to. And unlike the Wii version, it does allow for full screen viewing.

As the creator, Ixalon, himself said: “It only took a day to produce, so come on BBC – how about implementing this properly?

‘Nuff said really.

iPlayer (via CVG)

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